What is EMF Radiation? Shall You Be Concerned?

The electromagnetic field (EMF) radiations are energy waves, much like visible light, emitted from a source traveling at the speed of light. This energy is both electric and magnetic. The waves alternate rapidly, from positive to negative and from the north to the south pole. Electromagnetic radiation penetrates the surrounding area, creating an electromagnetic field (EMF). This EMF is strongest at the source and weakens with increasing distance.

Various studies indicate that EMF health effects depend on EMF intensity, cumulative EMF exposure, EMF exposure duration, EMF transience, EMF frequency, and superimposed signals. The danger to our health posed by current levels of man-made electromagnetic fields is real.

EMF from Mobile Phones

EMF from mobile phones

When a mobile phone is held up to the ear, 10% to 80% of the radiation from the phone penetrates two inches into the brain. In children, the penetration is even deeper. Studies have shown that mobile phones held near the head cause brain wave changes in 70% of the people.


Overwhelming evidence has shown EMF radiation just from mobile phones can cause life-threatening diseases such as brain tumors, breast cancer, heart disease, leukemia, and miscarriage. It can also cause other conditions including allergies, asthma, elevated blood pressure, depression, fatigue, frequent infections, headaches, hormone changes, nerve damage, sleep disturbance, and sperm abnormalities. This is by no means the complete list because we all react differently to EMF exposure.

Ezekiel-ion Glasses Can Do More

ezekiel-ion glasses

Ezekiel-ion glasses are coated on both sides of the lenses with anti-EMF radiation coating. This helps prevent EMF from directly hitting your eyes. Their unique ability to release negative ions is a major defense against EMF and its effects on our bodies.

Negative ions help us balance the nervous system allowing us to keep evil cortisol levels at bay. They also improve our gastrointestinal function, possibly because they Increase PH in the body ensuring a more Alkaline state. They also keep our serotonin levels in check promoting good mood and restorative sleep. They also speed up the recovery time from depleted systems. Basically, they are absolutely essential to overall health and wellbeing.

Protect your eyes and your health. Get Ezekiel-ion.