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Who is Ezekiel?

The name Ezekiel-ion is composed of two words; “Ezekiel” and “- ion”.  “- ion” simply refers to negative ions.  But what or who is Ezekiel?

Ezekiel is a book in the Old Testament in the Bible and is also the name of its writer, Ezekiel.  Ezekiel is a book of visions.  Ezekiel is often referred to as a man of vision.  “Ezekiel” means God strengthens, or may God strengthen.  Ezekiel was a prophet despised by the people and treated with contempt, but he was strengthened by God, the Mighty One.  The prophet Ezekiel was a young man, just 30 years old, and having just concluded his apprenticeship to the priest when he received these visions.

Ezekiel, like the books of Daniel which is also in the Old Testament and Revelation in the New Testament, is a book of signs and figures typifying important spiritual realities.  It begins with a storm wind and a cloud with a fire out from which is a golden silver glowing called the electrum. And out of these four comes an indelible image – an image of four living creatures joined together to produce one corporate expression.  Each aspect of this mysterious image reveals much about God’s purpose as well as about our genuine experience of Him in the Christian walk and life. 

The book of Ezekiel is broken up into four main sections. The first section is the amazing vision of God’s move. The second section covers God’s judgment and the degradation of God’s people.  And then the third section which is God’s recovery by life.  And this recovery by life will issue in God’s holy building.  This indicates that God’s goal is the building.

God revealed to Ezekiel that above all, He desires a place on the earth where He can put the soles of His feet that would also be the place of His throne. In other words, God desires to have a dwelling place, a place of rest and satisfaction; and, a place where He can administrate His heavenly rule and His divine move over the entire earth. This is the real significance of the house of God as revealed to Ezekiel and as revealed to us, the church, which is the reality of the house of God in the New Testament.

We also need a vision from God concerning His divine plan and His eternal purpose. And like Ezekiel, it’s critical to pay attention to three things if we are to receive such a vision. First, is the place that we are in. Second, the kind of person that we are. And third, the conditions necessary to receive these visions.

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