Why You Need More Than a Mask to Protect Against COVID-19?

It’s known by now that the coronavirus is commonly transmitted through the nose or mouth by coughing and sneezing. Now, some experts say that it’s possible to get COVID-19 through your eyes.

Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologist told NBC TODAY that he believes he caught the virus through his eyes while on a flight from New York City to New Orleans. He added that he was taking “max precautions” and was wearing a face mask and gloves while sitting right next to another person on the flight. He said he wasn’t wearing any eye protection however while on the plane.

Researchers from John Hopkins University School of Medicine recently discovered that the eyes can be a “portal entryway” for the virus.

The bottom line is Coronavirus is transmitted via liquid droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. The virus can enter through these droplets through the eyes, nose, or throat.

How to Protect Ourselves From COVID-19?


In addition to the mask, we also need to wear proper eye protection in order to be fully protected from the COVID-19 virus.  But most likely, we won’t be wearing safety goggles all the time unless you are working in the hospital.  Regular glasses will also help to avoid droplets splashing directly into our eyes and reducing the risk of catching the virus.

Ezekiel-ion Glasses Can Do More

Ezekiel-ion Glasses

Italian scientists have found the COVID-19 coronavirus on tiny particles in the air, a new preliminary study said.  This means the virus could be carried over longer distances, increasing the number of people infected. 239 scientists also say that there is growing evidence that coronavirus can be an airborne transmission with much smaller droplets (aerosols).

We also know that negative ions are scientifically proven to effectively filter fine particles in the air.  That is why many top air purifiers come with an ionizer.  It releases negative to help filter the air.  This means that negative ions can actually filter not just the tiny particles in the air but also the viruses that are on them!

Ezekiel-ion glasses are the only glasses with the unique capability that can release negative ions to help protect your eyes and your health!  If you still haven’t gotten yours yet, now is the time.