Get Rid of Reading Glasses Naturally

When you have a hard time reading up close, the chances are you have presbyopia and require reading glasses.  We may think that reading glasses are mostly for seniors, however, now a day many people around the age of late 30s and 40 have already developed presbyopia and requires reading glasses.  Why is this the case?  Well, our obsession with 3C (Computers, Communications, and Consumer electronics) and the lack of rest for the eyes are possible causes for this acceleration.  Presbyopia affects an estimated 83 percent of adults in North America by the age of 45. Over the age of 50, it’s nearly universal.

What is Presbyopia?

presbyopia and eye floaters

Presbyopia refers to the gradual loss of the eye’s ability to focus, making it difficult to see objects up close.  Presbyopia, from the Greek words for “old man” and “eye.” Presbyopia is quite common, and despite the Greek etymology, women experience it, too.

By middle age, the lenses in your eyes harden, becoming less flexible. Your eye muscles increasingly struggle to bend them to focus up close. Presbyopia is a progressive refractive error that nearly everyone will suffer from at some point.  The fact that the proliferation of 3C electronics in our everyday life does not help and has made things worst.  Younger people are getting presbyopia.


What Can I Do?

While you may be able to help your farsightedness, most doctors recommend treating presbyopia with corrective eyewear or laser surgery.  Experts continue to reiterate that the only way to get rid of glasses altogether is surgical, but also add that the eye exercises if done properly under supervision, may help with eye health.  There are actually different ways that may be able to help improve presbyopia or even delay its onset.

Restore Eye Health Naturally

You may want to get rid of the glasses because you have been wearing glasses or reading glasses for a while, or maybe you simply want to prevent it.  If you don’t want to have surgery and want to prevent your eyesight from deteriorating, there are ways to do this naturally.  Follow these 4 simple steps below to help restore your eyes/vision naturally without surgery:


#1 Ezekiel-ion Glasses

Firstly you need a pair of Ezekiel-ion glasses.  Yes, you need to wear these glasses first to get rid of your glasses.  Ezekiel-ion glasses have the special ability to release negative ions and far-infrared which are known to help improve our immune system, detoxify our body, improves blood circulation & oxygen in the blood, and promote cell regeneration.  This will help relaxes the muscles around your eyes and help your eyes to rejuvenate. 

Make sure to wear them as long as possible, especially when you are looking at any digital screens.  They will help protect your eyes from further deterioration and start the healing process.  This is the first step in restoring your eye health naturally.

#2 Acupressure Points


There are acupuncture points around our eyes that will help with our vision.  This exercise is aimed at improving the flow of energy in the eyeballs and head.   If some of the pressure points are sensitive, it means that the energy flow is obstructed. The massaging movements allow the energy channels to open.  Each point should be gently massaged and pressed in order to clear the flow of energy. 

These are the 5 acupressure points on each eye:

eye acupoints

PT1: In the middle of the eyebrow.  You will feel a dent on top of the eye socket.

PT2: At the end of your eye, the end of the eye socket.

PT3: At the bottom center of the eye.  There is also a dent in the middle at bottom of the eye socket.

PT4: At the end of the eyes where it meets the nose, on top of your nose bridge.  There is also a dent.

PT5: At the start of your eyebrow.

For each of these 5 acupressure points, massage each spot for 5 seconds in sequence from PT1 to PT5 for 2 minutes for BOTH eyes.  Do this at least 10 times a day.


There are also acupoints for the eyes that are not part of the main 12 meridians.  These acupoints are located on the thumb where it looks like an eye:

thumb acupoints

T1: On the inside of your thumb, right in the middle where you bend. 

T2: On the outside of your thumb, right in the middle where you bend.

T3: On the top of your thumb, right in the middle where you bend.

Squeeze T1 and T2 with your other hand. for 3 seconds.  Then squeeze T3 right afterward.  Do 5 repetitions.  Do for BOTH thumbs.  You can do this often throughout the day.


Last but not least, there are important acupoints on the ears.  The structure of the ears is actually pretty complicated.  They have acupoints that link to practically every part of our body.   The following 3 acupoints are particularly important for our vision:

ear acupoints for vision improvement

E1: At the center of the dip between the antitragus and the tragus.  This is a very important acupoint as it connects the moving muscle of the eyes.

E2: On the very top of antitragus where it curves.

E3: In the middle of antitragus.  It’s the “optic nerve”. 

Squeeze/press these 3 points in sequence. for 5 seconds.  While you press them, close your eyes.  If you do this for 30 minutes and open your eyes, you will actually feel the difference.

Whether you have myopia, presbyopia, or poor vision, these acupuncture/acupoints will definitely help you.


#3 Eye Exercise

The purpose of the eye exercise is to revitalize our ciliary muscles.  In young people, the ciliary muscle can contract and expand easily.  That means they can see clearly near or far.  But as we get older, our ciliary muscle cannot expand easily.  They are in a state of contracting all the time.  Therefore, the focus is on the back of the retina.

What if we are able to make this ciliary muscle contract and expand quickly?  The best exercise for this ping-pong i.e. table tennis.  Because you need to focus on an object, the ping-pong ball far and near at a rapid pace.  Well, there is one problem.  Many of us are addicted to 3C and the chance for us to play ping-pong is actually slim. 

However, there is one exercise that we can do to achieve the desired result:

  • Stretch your arm and put your thumb up or hold a pen in front of you.
  • Focus your eyes on your thumb/pen.
  • Then quickly focus your eyes on a word or an object farther away.
  • Once your eyes are focused on the word or object, then quickly move your focus back on your thumb/pen.
  • Repeat this several times.

This way your ciliary muscle will become more flexible.  Just like a dancer who practices stretching constantly, and will be able to do a split, in the end, your ciliary muscle will be the same.  They will be able to stretch when needed after doing this exercise for a while.


#4 Diet

There two important types of cells in the retina.  One is for the sensing of the strength of the light and the other is responsible for colors of the light.  When you don’t see things clearly, that means these cells are undernourished.   There are nutrients that can actually help these cells.

FRUITS: Tomato, kiwi, blueberry, and apple. 
These fruits are rich in vitamin A which can restore the nutrients in the retinal cells.  Especially the anthocyanins in blueberry are very helpful which is known to improve visual acuity. The selenium in apple is also very helpful.  In our eyes, there is approximately 7 mg of selenium.  The eyes of an eagle which can see very far away,  contain more than 100 times the amount of selenium than human.

TEA: Goji berries with chrysanthemums.
Make hot tea with goji berries and chrysanthemums and drink daily.  This is a traditional Chinese remedy for the eyes.  It is said that if you drink this you will not have any eye problems!


If you consistently wear your Ezekiel-ion glasses and follow these recommendations; practice eye exercises and eat the right food with the right nutrients, you are on your way to restoring your vision naturally and may even get rid of your glasses altogether!